//The ABCs of Detecting and Preventing Phishing

The ABCs of Detecting and Preventing Phishing

Have you ever considered that you could be a target for phishing attacks?

It’s not a new issue, but it’s a rising threat. Phishing attackers have been constantly growing and improving their techniques. Their strategies became so convincing that you can barely distinguish them from harmless communications. And all it takes to fall into their trap is a fraction of a second.

Perhaps the most dangerous approach I’ve seen regarding this concern was: “Ehhh, so what? I don’t think it can happen to me. And I don’t have important stuff anywayz”.

Actually, they can harm you a lot if you’re not paying attention.

They can: withdraw money, make purchases, steal your identity and open credit card accounts in your name, or further trade those information about you and much more.

The latest Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report shows that 23% of email recipients open phishing messages and 11% click on attachments. That means they are three times more effective than email campaigns conducted nowadays.

Kaspersky reports show that, in Q3 of 2015, their anti-phishing system was triggered 36 million times – that is 6 million times more than in the previous quarter.

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